With two balconies, a private terrace, king size bed and grand ocean and city views, the Rincon de Angeles Suite is the ultimate in luxury accommodations. Immaculately detailed, this suite boasts historical artifacts that embrace the rich spirit of Mexico for all guests.  An arched opening and private passageway lead to a Peruvian painting of San Miguel dating from the early 20th century. Inside, a large turn-of-the-century English armoire stands near a 17th century Mexican painting of Nuestra Señora del Rosario (Our Lady of the Rosary), the patron saint of the Franciscan Mission in the Americas. On the night stand next to the bed is a small, dressed, hand-carved, polychrome Mexican statue of the Virgin Purisima, circa 1780. The suite is completed with 19th century English wall sconces.

For reservations, visit www.haciendasanangel.com or call  877.815.6594.