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Santa Maria Suite

This beautiful, two bedroom suite has ocean views and a close-up view of the historic cathedral. It is furnished with 19th century antiques, as well as original, one-of-a-kind hand-carved pieces from both European and local artisans. The painting next to the king size bed was done on tin and represents San Jose with Christ Child. It is in an antique frame circa 1800. The armoire in the main bathroom is from the 1900’s and is where the priest’s robes were stored.

Between the bedrooms is a 19th century painting of La Guadalupana. As you enter the smaller bedroom with queen size bed there is a nineteenth century painting of La Guadalupana. Across the room is a painting of Santo Niño in an original 19th century frame. Sitting on the floor next to it is an original Ballantine carousel horse circa 1940. In the second bathroom is a Peruvian painting, found in Pueblo in 1960, of San Jose with Christ Child in its original hand carved frame.

Please note that this Suite is in an area of the Hacienda joined by a narrow street and down a flight of stairs. It has even closer up views of the Bay and snuggles beside the crowned spire of the Guadalupe Cathedral, Puerto Vallarta’s signature landmark. Its name – Spanish for “The Bells” honors the verdigris chimes tolling nearby.


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