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Fuente De Milagros Suite

This charming suite opens to a spacious private terrace that overlooks expansive views of the Banderas Bay, as well as the historic cathedral. The suite is named for the fountain’s hand-carved stone statue of the Virgin de Talpa located in its small patio area. The Virgin is renowned for granting miracles to her devotees. Among the antiques in the room is a 19th century king size bed frame. The bed was created by using the footboard to extend the width of the headboard. The bathroom sink sits in a 19th century dresser graced on each side by antique wall sconces. The dressing area’s armoire and crystal chandelier are also from the 19th century.

Please note that this Suite is in an area of the Hacienda joined by a narrow street and down a flight of stairs. It has even closer up views of the Bay and snuggles beside the crowned spire of the Guadalupe Cathedral, Puerto Vallarta’s signature landmark. Its name – Spanish for “The Bells” honors the verdigris chimes tolling nearby.


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