Puerto Vallarta Art Walk Takes Stride Again

puerto-vallarta-art-galleries-scene-Dante 55a

On Halloween day, the yearly tradition of the Art Walk in Puerto Vallarta begins again. A favorite activity among tourists and locals alike, this year will mark the 15th Annual Art Walk. The event takes place every Wednesday from 6–10pm and runs until April 24th, 2013. Along the walk, participants will find historic and authentic pieces […]

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Día de los Muertos in Puerto Vallarta


There is a long-standing belief in Mexican culture that on the first two days of November, during Día de los Muertos (Day of the Dead), the souls of loved ones who have passed revisit the realm of the living. In honor of the ancestors, it is customary to leave offerings including pan de muerto (bread […]

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Suite of the Week: San Miguel

HSA San Miguel Suite Day

With breathtaking views and luxury amenities fit for royalty, our presidential suite, San Miguel, is truly designed for travelers who want their stay in Puerto Vallarta to be utterly magical! In keeping with the authentic theme that can be observed within the property’s walls, the presidential suite is tastefully decorated with hand-crafted antique furniture and […]

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Live It Up After Dark In Puerto Vallarta!


Puerto Vallarta has beautiful beaches, renowned restaurants and copious cultural attractions, but what do you do when the sun goes down? While there are plenty of activities to keep even the most seasoned vacationers occupied after nightfall, Puerto Vallarta’s vibrant nightlife may be one of the greatest appeals of the city. After sunset, the streets […]

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Creating a Positive Future for Puerto Vallarta Animals

Sweetie Pie

Being a hotel with several mascots of its own, Hacienda San Angel and owner Janice Chatterton take the subject of animal homelessness very seriously. While many of the cats and dogs on hotel property have been there for years, many also go to the SPCA shelter founded by Chatterton, whose passion for animals inspired her […]

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Puerto Vallarta’s Amazing Art


With so much beauty to inspire the mind, it really is no wonder Puerto Vallarta produces such outstanding art work. As much a part of the culture as the sunsets natives have grown to know so well, the local artists are a reflection of the spirit that breathes life into this magnificent city. By taking […]

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Puerto Vallarta – An Adventurer’s Paradise


For many the word “vacation” conjures up visions of soft-sand beaches, lavish five-star accommodations, the finest dining and the best entertainment within arm’s reach. Puerto Vallarta is the perfect destination for those seeking this kind of access to luxury. There is, however, another breed among us for whom the word “vacation” brings to mind thoughts […]

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The Festival Gourmet in Puerto Vallarta

Festival Gourmet

Every November, foodies flock from all over the world to Puerto Vallarta for the Festival Gourmet – Mexico’s leading culinary event. This year will mark the 18th anniversary of the festival which consists of ten days jam-packed with tastings, culinary panels, demonstrations, parties and events. Taking place from November 8th – 18th, this year’s festivities […]

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