Serafin Suite

This charming suite displays a view of the fountain in the courtyard. It has a queen-size bed with an adjacent, recessed alcove, which holds a day bed that can become a pull-out double bed. 

A primary decoration in this suite is a hand-carved wooden piece, which frames the room’s niches and is filled with Mexican, hand-crafted wooden statues of saints. It is from a demolished hacienda’s private chapel in the Guanajuato area. The Victorian dresser is circa 1900. On the wall to the right of the large window hangs an oil painting of Principe Leopoldo d´Medici in its original frame, circa 1560. This work of art was copied from the Medici´s family portrait of Leopoldo, which hangs in the Uffizi Gallery in Florence, Italy.

Room rate is based on double occupancy, but can accommodate 3 if needed; $100 per person charge if one more person is added.

Crown View Suite

This lovely suite has a view of the Cathedral of Guadalupe’s crowned spire. The bathroom features a stone-tiled tub and dozens of candle-filled niches. On the wall at the foot of the bed is a large 18th century painting of the Virgin Mary. This painting represents the moment of the Immaculate Conception. In the painting, the Archangel San Gabriel is the messenger of God and the dove represents the Holy Spirit. Also in the suite is a Renaissance revival armoire circa 1880. Above the queen size bed is an antique French crystal wall sconce circa 1890.

Angels Dome Suite

This beautiful petite suite boasts city and partial ocean views from both the bed and the adjoining balcony. Renaissance-style domes add height over the queen size bed and the bathroom. The ceiling is painted with peaceful celestial images of angels and doves. This suite features a lovely Mexican oil painting of Mary with Christ Child circa 1750. Next to it is a Victorian armoire from around 1880. On the other side of the armoire is a Chinese Temple Guardian with Gong. The second armoire, which houses the television, is an early 1900’s piece and is where the priest’s robes were kept.

Garden of Angels Suite

This garden view suite has a king-size bed, which sits under a grand arch. This suite sits above our beautiful garden area on the same level as one of our pools making for easy access to a refreshing swim with an expansive vista of the Sierra Madres in one direction and the Banderas Bay in the other. The nude sketch in the bathroom is by famed Mexican artist Ernest Munoz Acosta, circa 1965, and was once exhibited at the Palais Royale in Paris.

Milagros Suite

This ample suite with a king-size bed has direct access to a terrace with panoramic views. The painting above the bed is a late 19th-century portrait of San Francisco de Paula. In the arched inlets sit two French bronze bust sculptures, circa 1870. The room also features an Encino wood chair, which is a 19th-century confessional chair from a French cathedral. The Mexican tapestry in the room, covered with Milagros and which depicts the Ascension of Christ, is from the 19th century.

San Gabriel Suite

This spacious suite with garden and pool views has two double beds, each with ornate, wood-carved headboards.

Above each bed is a painting from the 1940s. One painting shows the Christ Child and depicts the Virgin de la Candelaria and the second is the Virgin de la Macarena. They are Mexican devotional paintings, and as folklore has it, many miracles have been attributed to the prayers they’ve heard. San Gabriel’s large bathroom has both a claw foot bathtub and an open shower and boasts a painting done on tin representing the Virgin and Child from 1800. The room is adorned with a 19th-century niche that was salvaged from a church in Vietnam at the end of the Vietnam War when all of the churches were being looted. Inside the niche is a wooden Mexican sculpture of the Virgin Mary with Baby Jesus holding a dove finished in polychrome, circa 1800. The large, Spanish chair with angel carvings is from around 1890.

Room rate is based on double occupancy, but can accommodate 4 if needed; $100 per person charge if one or two more people are added.

Vista De Santos Suite

This suite has a huge terrace, which it shares with another suite, providing spectacular ocean and city views.

The king-size bed sits directly next to a window that opens to overlook the ocean. There is a large, French armoire, circa 1900, and a Spanish chair, circa 1890 in the suite. On the wall is a Mexican painting of the Sagrado Corazon de Maria, circa 1830.

San Jose Suite

This suite has breathtaking panoramic ocean and city views. Serene scenery can be seen from both the king-size bed and a large window seat.

The small armoire in the room is a Mexican design, circa 1900. On the wall to the left of the bed is a painting of San Jose with Christ Child and a white dove representing the Holy Spirit, crafted during Mexico’s Colonial period, circa 1750. The bathroom sink sits in a century-old Mexican dresser with the original marble top.

Celestial Suite

This large suite has an unbeatable view from the room and the private sitting area, which is positioned under a large palapa with its own bar. The canopied queen size bed overlooks the ocean-facing window. The full-size Mexican painting of the Immaculate Virgin is in its original frame, circa 1880. Hanging in a corner is a gold-leaf wooden Venetian chandelier with candles from the mid-1800s. The nightstand, next to the bathroom door, was originally owned by Luther Burbank.

Rincon de Angeles Suite

Enter through the arched opening of the private passageway and observe a Peruvian painting of San Miguel, circa 1910.

This accommodating suite has two balconies, a private terrace, a king-size bed, and grand ocean and city views. Inside the suite is a large English armoire from the early 1900s. The 17th-century Mexican painting in the room is of Nuestra Señora del Rosario, or Our Lady of the Rosary, who was the patron saint of the Franciscan Missions in the Americas. On the nightstand to the left of the bed is a small, dressed, hand-carved, polychrome Mexican statue of the Virgin Purisima, circa 1780. On the wall at either side of the bed are English 19th-century wall sconces.