A New Course For The Tourism Industry

It feels as if a magnifying glass the size of Earth has been held up to every inch of our lives – instantly showing us what’s really important to us: our survival, our health, our goals, the state of our families, areas in which we are strong and the areas we are not.

We now realize the importance that travel plays in our lives more than ever before. Getting out of our daily environment, away from the day to day is rejuvenating. Even the planning and the time we spend looking forward is an emotional toner. While we want different surroundings these thoughts bring with them a set of fears. It leaves us wondering if we will ever be able to travel again. 


Travel going forward is going to look different. It seems that the biggest change we are headed towards is Touchless Travel.  The World Economic Forum is looking to implement the Known Traveller Digital Identity (KTDI). This would be a paperless way for us to travel internationally. Our bodies and faces will be what identifies us – essentially you will be your own Passport. The KTDI would also include our Health Records. This would provide information on our current health and vaccination history. 

We may need to go through a quick health screening/testing before boarding a vessel for travel. All of this is in addition to what is now a familiar sanitization practice of sprays and masks.


We have been researching the best way to protect our staff and guests when we open.  I am happy to say there are promising methods we will be able to implement in order to keep Hacienda San Angel a safe and sanitary environment for us all.  

We will be following the Safe Stay protocols laid out by the American Hotel & Lodging Association https://www.ahla.com/safestay 


We are considering Electrostatic Sprayers and UV Lights which will be able to make the rooms, public areas and the restaurant free from harmful germs. 

Hand sanitizer will be in every room and sanitization stations will be found throughout the hotel and restaurant for guests and staff to sanitize as needed.


We still need to determine what is the least invasive way to implement such practices. We can say for certain that our staff will be evaluated each day before entering the premises.  We will be monitoring our temperature regularly. 

If tests become available to us this will be part of our protocol also.


Distancing ourselves and using masks and gloves is another way to further keep us all safe. 

Thankfully, the Governor of Jalisco, Enrique Alfaro Ramirez, demonstrated a greater sense of caution than his counterparts. He ordered 25,000 tests and suspended flights into the State early on as a precautionary measure. 

Non-essential activities have been suspended until May 31st, expecting to resume June 1st.  We are not sure if this date will hold and of course, we hope that it does. We feel for the people of Puerto Vallarta – our Home away from Home for decades now. Nevertheless, we will not be opening until we feel it is safe to do so.  

The travel industry has proven to be a resilient one in the past. Once travel is able to resume I am hopeful that Puerto Vallarta will once again be ready to welcome visitors with open beaches and chilled margaritas.

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