San Gabriel Suite

Archangel Suites

San Gabriel

This spacious suite with garden and pool views has two double beds, each with ornate, wood-carved headboards. Above each bed is a painting from the 1940s. One painting shows the Christ Child and depicts the Virgin de la Candelaria and the second is the Virgin de la Macarena. They are Mexican devotional paintings, and as folklore has it, many miracles have been attributed to the prayers they’ve heard. San Gabriel’s large bathroom has both a claw foot bathtub and an open shower and boasts a painting done on tin representing the Virgin and Child from 1800.

The room is adorned with a 19th-century niche that was salvaged from a church in Vietnam at the end of the Vietnam War when all of the churches were being looted. Inside the niche is a wooden Mexican sculpture of the Virgin Mary with Baby Jesus holding a dove finished in polychrome, circa 1800. The large, Spanish chair with angel carvings is from around 1890.

Room rate is based on double occupancy, but can accommodate 4 if needed; $100 per person charge if one or two more people are added.
Guests: 2-4
Amenities: Air-conditioning, Free Wi-Fi, Hairdryer, Minibar, Telephone
View: Ocean
Bed Type: 2 Double

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