San Gabriel Suite

Archangel Suite

San Gabriel

San Gabriel Suite is a spacious poolside accommodation offering views of our lush garden below. This suite features two double beds, each adorned with intricately carved wooden headboards.

The art in the San Gabriel Suite features a 19th-century niche salvaged from a church in Vietnam after the Vietnam War looting, housing a polychrome finished wooden Mexican sculpture of the Virgin Mary with Baby Jesus holding a dove, dating back to around 1800. Above each bed in the San Gabriel Suite hangs a 1940s painting; one depicts the Christ Child with the Virgin de la Candelaria, while the other showcases the Virgin de la Macarena. These Mexican paintings are believed to have heard many prayers and facilitated numerous miracles, according to folklore. Additionally, a large Spanish chair with angel carvings from approximately 1890 adds to the room's character.

Stepping into the bathroom area, guests are greeted with a sense of opulence. The clawfoot bathtub and open shower offer a spa-like experience, while the beautiful armoire provides ample storage space for belongings. Guests are lavished with the comfort of linen bathrobes, plush slippers, and premium bath amenities, ensuring a truly indulgent experience.

The art pieces adorning the walls are not just decorations but windows into history and spirituality. The salvaged 19th-century niche from Vietnam, along with the Mexican sculptures and devotional paintings, add a touch of reverence to the room. The stories behind each artwork invite guests to immerse themselves in the cultural tapestry woven into the suite's design.
The room rate is based on double occupancy; however, it can accommodate up to four individuals with an additional charge of $100 per extra guest.
Guests: 2-4
Amenities: Air-conditioning, Free Wi-Fi, Hairdryer, Minibar, Telephone
View: Ocean
Bed Type: 2 Double

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