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Perched on a hilltop above the renowned Guadalupe Church, guests peer through the bell tower to watch migrating whales glide by in winter. Intimate and sophisticated, Hacienda San Angel’s twelve gloriously romantic suites offer breathtaking views of the world-famous Banderas Bay to the west, the Sierra Madre mountain range to the east and the terra cotta rooftops of the charming city all around. Gardens lush with fragrant flowers, tropical foliage and trickling fountains meander through this unique setting. Three pools, a roof-top fine dining restaurant, and nightly cocktail hours only add to the deluxe escape.

Here, where the majestic Sierra Madre Mountains embrace the azure waters of Banderas Bay, vacationers can revel in a beguiling blend of colonial charm, outdoor activities and superb Puerto Vallarta accommodations unparalleled on the fabled Mexican Riviera.

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A past filled with glamour and romance has led to a present brimming with intimate sophistication at Hacienda San Angel.
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Our Story

Casa Bur-Sus to Hacienda San Angel
A past filled with glamour and romance has led to a present brimming with intimate sophistication at Hacienda San Angel.

The late Richard Burton purchased the Hacienda’s main villa as a Valentine’s Day gift for his wife, Susan in 1977, after falling in love with Puerto Vallarta as he filmed John Huston’s The Night of the Iguana there in the mid 1960’s. The cult classic film put Puerto Vallarta on the map as a favorite vacation spot for the international glitterati, including Burton’s ex, Elizabeth Taylor, who owned a house mere blocks away from Susan’s. The Burton’s aptly named their home, Casa Bur-Sus.

In 1990, entrepreneur Janice Chatterton purchased Casa Bur-Sus from Susan Burton to use as a vacation home. Following the loss of her son, Chatterton poured her grief into nurturing her love for antiques and rescuing animals. Through renovation, purchases of surrounding villas, and innovation, Casa Bur’Sus evolved into Casa San Angel then finally Hacienda San Angel in 2003. It is now one of the top luxury boutique hotels in the world.

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Gourmet dining includes dishes like these lamb chops on a bed of mashed potatoes
Gourmet Dining

Not Just a Hotel

After years of dining out and seeking the enjoyment of Mariachi music, Chatterton decided to create her own restaurant where she could have her own Mariachi music. Chatterton was particular in her tastes and this was a way to ensure having pleasures of dining and music to meet those tastes.

The Gourmet offers a breathtaking and exquisite dining experience. Views are spectacular, service is impeccable and the international cuisine is delectable.
Meet The founder

La Doña

Janice created Hacienda San Angel with its genteel charm but what was closer to her heart than anything were the animals in need. Chatterton simultaneously developed a no-kill animal sanctuary for animals. Stories abound of the extreme measures Chatterton would often take to rescue suffering animals and make for quite entertaining conversation.

On March 8, 2019, Janice Chatterton passed away but not without leaving her mark. Countless Puerto Vallarta residents and visitors credit her with bringing an experience to Puerto Vallarta that enhanced life for many.

More than a business to the family, Chatterton’s daughter and grandchildren hold a sentimental attachment as they visited and played at Grandma’s house long before it became a hotel. Chatterton’s family hold her creations dear and are committed to protecting her amazing achievements assuring the Hacienda will endure…iViva La Hacienda San Angel!

La Doña, Janice Chatterton, the founder of Hacienda San Angel is seated with her two small dogs on a wicker couch with white pillows surrounding them.

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