Happy 20th Anniversary Hacienda San Angel

20 years ago my Mother, Janice Chatterton, began the creation of the Hacienda San Angel. The evolution over the years has been nothing short of amazing especially considering it was never planned. In grief after losing her only son, she poured herself into two passions; rescuing dogs and looking for antiques. Pursuing her two greatest passions in trying to soothe her grief, she found a new purpose in life, and wa la…the Hacienda San Angel and the SPCAPV were born.

For 2 decades now, people have been arriving through our large wooden doors, whipping out their cameras in surprise as they try to capture the unexpected beauty that greets them, receiving delicious signature welcome drinks upon arrival, been pampered by attentive staff, basked in shadows of elegant colonial Mexican architecture, refreshed in one or all of 3 pools, been appreciating antique furnishings, lounging in luxury linens, enjoying the mountain and bay vistas, oh and petting the dogs. Couples have been engaged and married here, people have celebrated birthdays and anniversaries here, our space has been adorned with romance and joy many times over. There’s even been times the Hacienda served as a sanctuary to animals and people in distress. The Hacienda San Angel became an oasis for both people and animals.

This is a bittersweet time to honor and celebrate Mom and the Hacienda San Angel. What Mom created deserves to be celebrated on its 20th anniversary; it was such an unexpected, unplanned but wonderful accomplishment. However it is with a mixture of sadness that she is not here to be celebrated herself. We lost my beloved mother, grandmother and creator of the Hacienda San Angel in 2019 without any warning at all. Now, somewhat recovered from the shock but never the same since without her, the family strives to preserve, protect and continue what she created in her memory.

The Hacienda San Angel also served as a sanctuary for more than 50 dogs during a hurricane one year. Mom was absolutely passionate about dogs insisting they were more loyal than most humans. She was followed by 8, sometimes a dozen dogs wherever she walked throughout the venue. People who didn’t like dogs in the restaurant were asked to leave. The dogs trumped. She started one of the first animal rescues in Puerto Vallarta and over 20 years, with the help of many caring volunteers, created a network of adoptive homes in Canada and the US. Volunteers who would take dogs to their new furrever homes were given complimentary stays at the hotel in appreciation and we continue to do this still as she would want.

In the spirit of celebrating the Hacienda and it’s patrons we have a couple of offers:

For the month of February Only

  • A celebratory drink on the house, please clink your glass and “Salud” my Mom and Hacienda San Angel.
  • 20% off any reservation made for stay during 2023.

To redeem just say…

“Happy Anniversary Hacienda San Angel!”

4 thoughts on “Happy 20th Anniversary Hacienda San Angel

  1. So so sad to hear of your Moms passing. She was passionate about Hacienda San Angel. We loved to see the dogs following Janice around. My husband and I have been to Hacienda San Angel a few times, the first in 2010 in the Presidential Suite, it was delightful and your property is spectacular. It has been a long time since we were in PV. We are coming back again this time with 2 other couples. Looking forward to exploring PV once again and spending time at Hacienda San Angel.

  2. Janice was a friend and I still miss seeing her. I was invited to have lunch at San Angel before there was a returaunt and it was available only for guests and it still is my special place. Our chats were often on the beach on Tursdays when Janice brought her dogs to play. I, t oo, had lost a son. Over the years listening to her plans to expand her creation to other buildings and restaurants and seeing it come to fruition was exciting. Hacienda San Angel is an appropriate monument to her vision. Thank you for keeping that vision vibrant and maintaining her standards. And thanks for an elevator!

  3. I am so sorry to hear of your mom’s passing. My first visit to Hacienda San Angel was very memorable as she greeted us at the door with her pup in her arms. After escorting us to our table that had panoramic views of the bay, I watched her scan the room and make sure every last detail was executed to perfection. As the sun began to set, she stationed herself near the light switches to ensure the lighting was matching the sunset lighting … slowly dimming as she felt necessary. As a past owner of a winery, restaurant and event center I used this story countless times to explain to my staff how important the subtle details like this are to making sure guests have a remarkable experience. Your mom was a master of details which culminate into a unique experience and transports them into another world once they walk through the rustic wood doors at the street level.

    Looking forward to our next visit which happens to be this coming weekend!


  4. Also taken by my own grief, I thought I would come on here to review your property and found this post. My late husband and I spent our honeymoon here in 2007 and several visits afterwards with our last one being March of 2020 as the world was shutting down from Covid. You opened your property up to us and our son as it was the only way we could return to the airport for our flight home. That kindness marked the last visit my husband and I would share at Hacienda San Angel. It was indeed our last visit to PV/Nayarit as I have not had the heart as of yet to return. Your mother hosted many a lovely evening including one particular new year’s celebration in which my mother-in-law attended to celebrate her 90th. I was inspired by your mother’s vision. My hope is that this special place will continue in her memory. I most certainly will visit again, when the time is right. Blessings to our loved ones, Taya

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