Hasta La Vista, Briefly

The Church of Guadalupe and Banderas Bay can be seen from the terrace of the San Miguel Presidential Suite at Hacienda San Angel.

As we roll up on July 1, when the Hacienda will close for its annual spruce-up (everyone needs a little vacay now and then), we want to thank all of you who spent time with us over the last year for coming to visit. We miss you already and look forward to seeing you again—along with lots of new faces—come October 1. That’s when we’ll re-open, our guest and dining rooms, our pools and patios all refreshed and ready to welcome you back. You can reserve now for future visits, even while we’re on hiatus.

But let’s not get too hasty—we’re still open for the next couple of weeks, so pop in if you can and bid us farewell over something shaken, stirred, or otherwise frosty. Regardless, we wish you all a fun-packed (or quiet and relaxing, you choose) summer—and can’t wait to hear all about it in the fall!