Press Release: Grand Opening of Hacienda San Angel Hotel Boutique and Gourmet

Mariachi ladies posing with sombrero and guitar.

This past Friday the 18th of October, Hacienda San Angel officially started their glamorous season with a night filled with culinary delights, entertainment and live music and all attendees were  catered to by the attentive staff all meticulously coordinated to indulge the lucky who were able to participate in this iconic event.

The most popular appetizer  ordered were the Scallops! Buttery and cooked to perfection. The favorite main courses were the Chilean Sea Bass and the most perfect Filet Mignon. Waterfalls of Prosecco were poured and many ordered their favorite vintage. Anniversaries were celebrated and half a dozen birthdays were happening. People mingled from table to table to meet new friends and we could not have asked for more!

The highlight of the night was a surprise visit from Ana and Miguel from Mia Dance Company to ballroom dance the guests into delight. The grand finale was a melancholic set of songs played by El Mariachi Joya de Mexico. Many couples joined in the festivities and the restaurant turned into a ballroom with couples slow dancing to the lovely music. Love and infinite friendships were definitely in the air.

Our guests came from all over along with our beloved locals who we so cherish. Persons from Guanajuato, San Antonio, Ajijic, Germany, Toronto, Moscow, New York,  Kansas, Chicago, Venezuela, Montreal all dressed in their best and they had a wonderful evening.

A very special gift was given to each attendee with a little note that read. Thank you for joining us in celebration as we open a new season of serving exquisite dining experiences to Puerto Vallarta visitors and residents alike. Accept this handmade angel charm and delicious white chocolate angel treat as a token of our appreciation on this special occasion. The charm is fashioned much the same as our room keys with the silver beads and carries an angel for solace, a heart for love, and a stone for beauty, Enjoy and Be Well.

Thank you to those who enjoyed the evening. Thank you to our dedicated staff who put together a perfect production and we hope to see you soon at Hacienda San Angel Hotel Boutique and Gourmet.

There is so much magic on the horizon at Hacienda San Angel this season. Stay tuned by following our facebook page and don´t forget we have the most enchanting suites available for you and your loved ones. Each suite……….a piece of art. Take a peek at

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