We Made It!

Angel's View Suite bed, reading nook and terrace with view of Banderas Bay.

Welcoming Travelers Again!

We made it! ¡Gracias a Dios! 

Puerto Vallarta and the Hacienda San Angel are buzzing with activity and happiness again. The Hacienda San Angel and many others in the city of Puerto Vallarta survived and we are humbly grateful that we were able to open our doors again and stay open.

What a year. Tourism is back; the joy for travelers and workers in the travel industry are palpable. Whatever your stance on the covid vaccines is, they have made it possible for people to travel and work again. The resiliency of our staff at the Hacienda during a year of little to no work at times was remarkable to me. I witnessed true generosity and kindness between people when there were little resources to go around. Now I am surrounded by those same smiles and helpful gestures but they are lighter and filled with the joy of travelers again.

It took almost a year to write about traveling, about the Hacienda San Angel and Puerto Vallarta again. Each time the thought of writing about it all only brought forth feelings of sadness and ongoing uncertainty about the future. But now…

Travel and adventure are back on the radar bringing relief and joy to so many. The birds are singing amidst the trickling sounds of the fountains as people are strolling in or out to enjoy the beauty of our venue and surrounding Puerto Vallarta. Guests are enjoying local tours on zipline adventures, exclusive beach visits, shopping, swimming in our pools and dining in our gourmet restaurant with mariachis playing. Staff are tickled and enthusiastic about work every day now and we have been able to add more staff bringing the Hacienda and PV back to life!

Travelers and employees in the hospitality industry are able to feel hope and plan for better times again. The pain of this past year’s pandemic hit workers and cities in the tourism industry hard and some businesses even closed their doors permanently. Our hearts are on the ground for those who’s lives were lost or took unexpected turns. I hope we come back stronger and more aware in a way that we do not take what we have for granted.

A profound appreciation to all who supported us during this past year and to all of our employees who have remained dedicated, patient and hung tough while we all waited for recovery!

Wishing all safe and fun travels.

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