Isla Rio Cuale – A Forgotten Jewel?

Old black and white photo of the Rio Cuale River in Puerto Vallarta

Well not for Hacienda San Angel Guests! Only a stone’s throw away you will find the Isla Rio Cuale, one of Puerto Vallarta´s best-kept secrets so close to our hotel. Make sure you ask our concierge to prepare you a box lunch to snack on while you enjoy all the happenings at this special spot so close….yet so far.

There is a whole long island green with such diverse flora and fauna that is engulfed by the rushing rivers of the Isla Rio Cuale. Make sure to sip a margarita at one of the restaurants on the island and if you need to cool off take a dip in the river or even better, enjoy air conditioning at a very special piano bar, the Iconic El Incanto Music Club.

 The Isla Cuale has 2 hanging wooden bridges that you must cross. But…don´t lose your balance.

There is a cultural center at the most inland point of the Isla Cuale offering various classes from painting and sculpture to singing and piano. There is always someone to chat with and there is an abundance of classic old white benches to take a rest among the lush vegetation.

The Isla Rio Cuale was originally considered a play area almost half a century ago for the children of Puerto Vallarta.

There is a Bronze John Houston monument located on the island. This monument was placed to mark the 25th anniversary of his movie “The Night of the Iguana” which was filmed at Mismaloya Beach. Make sure to take a selfie!

Where the Isla Rio Cuale meets the Pacific enjoy watching children play, pelicans frolic, and a must-visit to the archaeological Cuale Museum. During the rainy season, the river runs heavily into the ocean and at other times of the year, there is just a calm flow that the birds and local children enjoy.

Shopping, Shopping, Shopping! You will find some wonderful vendors selling some must-have souvenirs and Mexican handicrafts.

You can walk back up the stairs to Hacienda San Angel or jump in a taxi only two-minutes away.