Steamy Summers in Puerto Vallarta

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If you want to treat your couple to a getaway taking advantage of off-season´s affordable airline prices, surprise him or her with a trip to Puerto Vallarta. Here are a few tips, tricks, and activity ideas to motivate you and make the visit have that Va Va Voom.

Lightening Storms During the summer months, Puerto Vallarta boasts some of the most spectacular lighting. The only electricity doesn’t happen under the sheets!  Take a break and go with a bottle of bubbly to your beach, patio, or pool and enjoy……………..the shows.

Hire a Violinist, Mariachi band, or Trio. Puerto Vallarta has some of the most talented artists from all over Mexico who have flocked to the bay to perform and enjoy a better quality of tourism. You can hire a mariachi band that would bring 8 to 12 handsome men (or some mariachis are mixed) to visit your home or hotel and perform a  romantic potpourri of songs that will bring a treat of a LIFETIME!  Mariachi season has ended this summer at Hacienda San Angel but our season to come will be a great one!

Tequila Tasting  Did you know that tequila is to be sipped…not shot? Puerto Vallarta has dozens of tequila tasting venues some that can be hired privately and a sommelier walking the two of you through the scents while swirling tequila around your tongue can be great foreplay for any romantic evening. Ask your bartender at Hacienda San Angel to walk you through which are the best tequilas of the moment…and why!

As Gene Kelly says…Play in the rain When the rain comes into the Bay of Banderas during our summer months, take the opportunity to go outside and ENJOY. Splashing through puddles is not just for kids and can be one of the best revving up the mood sports.

Piers and Pelicans The pier at Los Muertos is a lovely spot to take a bottle of bubbly sit with your loved one and watch the pelicans plunge. There are also many musicians that walk the beach. Surprise him or her with his favorite song.

Surprise Package  Surprise your couple with a customized gift basket or ask our concierge to prepare it for you! Maybe he can throw in some artisan soaps, massage oils, jewelry, and just about anything that can make your loved one feel cared for.

Rent a Vessel Nothing more romantic than being in the middle of the bay with no one else around. Well……..except the captain but they can be discreet. Pack a picnic or have your charter company take care of it. There is a boat for rent for all tastes in Vallarta. Coast along the South Shore and hop from beach to beach or go straight out to Las Marietas.

Puerto Vallarta is a destination where you can celebrate LOVE.

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