Come play in Paradise!

What to do in Puerto Vallarta?
Enjoy Every Minute!
Puerto Vallarta is humming with preparations. Come play in paradise. Only if you are looking for sun, fun and relaxation! If enjoying every minute is your goal. Then let it be a reality in beautiful Puerto Vallarta!
Dinner on the Pirate Ship? How about spectacular nightly fireworks?
Take in an ATV ride through the jungle! Not just snorkeling, lets go zip lining! A visit to the Botanical Gardens is a must. Whale watching, a day at the beach, or cruise along the Malecon Boardwalk. Visit art galleries, and take in live shows in various venues.
The people of Puerto Vallarta are amazingly rich in kindness. Welcoming in sharing historical information about their community. They love to provide enjoyment to visitors. And eagerly await your arrival. With an abundance of options for your time away.

Nestled high above the narrow cobblestone streets, one of the world’s most elegant and romantic boutique luxury hotel experiences awaits. Hacienda San Angel surrounds its visitors with the genteel charm of Mexican Colonial architecture and turn-of-the-century furnishings.
Don’t wait; book your stay at the Hacienda San Angel. If we cannot accommodate your stay. Be sure to stop by for dinner. We will deliver you a wonderful dining experience. With live music to add to your list of experiences in Puerto Vallarta!

Hacienda San Angel Puerto Vallarta Luxury Inn

…Valentine’s Day

We are thrilled to have been mentioned in Forbes’ Best Hotels Valentine List along with so many great properties from around the world. Below is what was written up about the Hacienda. Click the link below to view the rest of the article at Forbes.com.

Hacienda San Angel, Puerto Vallarta

Hacienda San Angel sits amid lush fragrant gardens and offers 12 dreamy suites with breathtaking views of Banderas Bay to the west, the Sierra Madre mountains to the east, and the terracotta rooftops of downtown Puerto Vallarta. The romantic Noche de Amor experience includes one night in the Presidential Suite, which features a large terrace, a private jacuzzi, and pampering touches including a couple’s massage, champagne and chocolate-covered strawberries, and a romantic dinner or breakfast for two delivered to the suite or enjoyed at the property’s signature restaurant.” – Sandra MacGregor Contributor

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Bachelorette in Puerto Vallarta?

Has someone asked you to be a bridesmaid? One of the select flew to get fluffy and fancy on that special day? My oh my! Where to begin? Is it a destination wedding? Will there be a bachelorette party? When invited to a destination wedding and being one of the select few to be a bridesmaid, it might be her big day but why not  indulge as well? Here are a few suggestions to make sure you have everything in order to offer support to the stressed out bride. The experience should be smooth and FUNtabulous! Anything goes in Mexico!

What to pack?

With strict airline baggage restrictions one must think very hard about what fits into her suitcase utilizing every square inch. Sticking with a base color (ie black, taupe, khaki)  to use throughout your trip works well. Puerto Vallarta enjoys 365 days of fabulous tropical weather so stick to light clothing. No jackets needed. Here is our must have apparel list for a typical 7 day visit. 

Three swimsuits (One piece and bikini and something vintage because you will feel like dressing ¨Old Hollywood¨ at Hacienda San Angel´s pools) There are some fabulous swimwear stores in Puerto Vallarta so if you dread trying on bathing suits mid winter leave this difficult task to the experts in Puerto Vallarta

  • 3 cover-ups. If your current home doesn’t have the best of resort wear, there are great fashion finds in Mexico and a trip to downtown or your hotel boutique can solve a last minute fashion emergency
  • Cocktail dress. The strappier the better. 
  • One lounge outfit that can also be used as pajamas (to save space)
  • Flip flops, sandals, high heels and running shoes. If your sandal selection is poor, don ́t bring any with you as Mexico offers some of the best shoe purchases in the world. 
  • One pair of slacks to suit your style
  • One light and flowy summer dress
  • Two pairs of shorts
  • Two t shirts
  • Two blouses
  • Don ́t forget the bridesmaid dress! 
  • One elegant long sleeved sweater or pashmina (be prepared for air-conditioning or breezy ocean air)

Nails and Beauty

So many bridesmaids spend endless hours at pricey salons in the U.S and Canada getting their nails gelled, bikini wax, root coverage or sun kissed highlights. Don´t! Mexico has some of the most affordable beauty procedures and one stop shop spas on every corner. In suite beauty party? Our concierge staff at Hacienda San Angel can also order in room service to satisfy any desire. Get beautiful, but make sure not to upstage the bride. 

Your hair

Destination weddings happen year round in Puerto Vallarta with more affordable lodging in the summer months. The humidity increase in the summer season and your hair will have a mind of its own. Updos are highly suggested but if staying straight is a must, please consider that frizz happens and is almost out of control when you are in the hot sun for endless hours before and after ¨I do¨  Vanity is part of the Mexican culture, so make sure to get our concierge to hire a team of beauty specialists to take care of your hair in the comfort of your suite or on your private patio with a bottle of Moet on hand. Hair stylists in Mexico are up to date and use products you are familiar with. 

Emergency Kit

There is nothing more nerve wracking than traveling to a foreign country, being hotel bound and rooming with persons you have yet to meet……… Other bridesmaids who all have one thing in common………THE BRIDE! How to handle this? Tequila? Actually the latter can help drastically, and if you need cocktails all you need to do is pick up the nd the hacienda will bring you anything you need to  break the ice. 

Having a few treats or life saviour to offer like magazines, bug spray, good suntan lotion, snacks or even remake some keepsakes in the form of a loot bag to offer to your colleague bridesmaid can come in handy. After all, you will all be comparing notes as to who knows her best right?

One of the greatest reasons why so many tie the knot in Mexican paradise is the service and kindness of its people and the staff at Hacienda San Angel who are all well rehearsed for special events making you their #1 priority. Make new friends, practice your Spanish and don´t hesitate to reach out and ask for help.  Making people happy is what Mexicans are wonderful at and the real reason why so many destination weddings happen in the Bay of Banderas. 

If you have some tips to contribute please contact us at: info@haciendasanangel.com and to follow our daily happenings click herehttps://www.facebook.com/haciendasanangel/.

Love is in the Air at the Hacienda

Looking to rekindle what was? Looking to impress your significant other? Second honeymoon? First vows? Here are a few tips on how to enjoy romance in the tropics at one of the most iconic old Hollywood venues that has a history that will envelop you in an elegance that continues to thrive, generation after generation. 

Did you know that Hacienda San Angel has been ranked one of the top romantic destinations in North America? Why? Each suite has special magic like private terraces, intimate seating areas, 3 pools to choose from, and dedicated concierge staff to tend to your every desire at this spectacular property connected by lush interior courtyards filled with bubbling fountains, fiery bougainvillea and dramatic sculptural details and historic relics to be discovered. Just outside the most beautiful wooden doors is Puerto Vallarta………..is your door to happiness! Cobblestone Roads, the best beaches on the West Coast, and amicable people will make you feel special whether you are buying a donut at the corner store or an engagement ring at one of the posh stores on our boardwalk.

When it rains, it pours LOVE in our summer season!  If romance is on your menu during our glorious rainy season that locals so truly look forward to, get ready to enjoy spectacular sunny days and gorgeous clouds that roll in from the South over Los Arcos Rocks while you are sipping your margarita at one of our three pools. The foliage and the Sierra Madres thrive and for some, this is the best time of the year………NOT to be missed.  The raindrops are beautiful to observe when in the pool and the electrical storms … an energetic delight! Singing in the rain like Fred Astaire? The areas surrounding Hacienda San Angel are the perfect humble environment for enjoying a magical night cooling off in the tropical downpour and eating local. Kisses taste best in the rain! Be careful when going down the stairs to the Malecon (boardwalk).  Nightlife of all sorts is at your fingertips! There is something for everyone, Piano Bar, Live Theatre venues, Cuban Music, Discoteque, Iced Cream, Fine Jewelry, and local vendors strolling the Malecon offering entertainment to all. 

Music What is your preference? In Puerto Vallarta, we have it ALL! Even for the most demanding of musical theatre radicals, this is very recent as the population grows talent is thriving and musical venues have been born and we are enchanted with what is happening. Thank you to Dany Minini and Tracey Parks avid theatricals.  Over the past couple of years, two beautiful theatres just a stone’s throw away from Hacienda San Angel have come alive and the crowds are thrilled with the diverse venues offered. Shows from all over come to perform, many selling out! Act II Entertainment on Basilio Badillo and El Encanto on Insurgentes are an absolute MUST and both are just steps away from Hacienda San Angel. Enjoy talent from all over the world in air conditioned theatrical-piano bar. Don´t be shy and approach the noise!  As you stroll the streets of Mexico´s beach destinations, follow your ears. If you hear a romantic trio, mariachi, jazz, or children playing in a band, join in the fun. Sing and dance along and get closer! This is when memories are created. 

Want some FUNtabulous food?  Not always is fine dining the way to a romantic evening. Surprise your loved one with plans to take a food tour https://www.facebook.com/vallartafoodtours or be adventurous and go on your own. The flavors of Mexico’s street food will open a forever bond over the salsas and service.  For dessert, hunt down deep-fried churros, tacos el pastor, cotton candy, or natural fruit popsicles to share with each other. And if an excursion is on your horizon we have customized gourmet lunch boxes to order. It’s all delicious. 

Mexicans are naturally romantic. It’s in their genes. They thrive on tending to those in love. You are now part of this after reading this article. What is next? How can we make it happen? info@haciendasanangel.com

Steamy Summers in Puerto Vallarta

If you want to treat your couple to a getaway taking advantage of off-season´s affordable airline prices, surprise him or her with a trip to Puerto Vallarta. Here are a few tips, tricks, and activity ideas to motivate you and make the visit have that Va Va Voom.

Lightening Storms During the summer months, Puerto Vallarta boasts some of the most spectacular lighting. The only electricity doesn’t happen under the sheets!  Take a break and go with a bottle of bubbly to your beach, patio, or pool and enjoy……………..the shows.

Hire a Violinist, Mariachi band, or Trio. Puerto Vallarta has some of the most talented artists from all over Mexico who have flocked to the bay to perform and enjoy a better quality of tourism. You can hire a mariachi band that would bring 8 to 12 handsome men (or some mariachis are mixed) to visit your home or hotel and perform a  romantic potpourri of songs that will bring a treat of a LIFETIME!  Mariachi season has ended this summer at Hacienda San Angel but our season to come will be a great one!

Tequila Tasting  Did you know that tequila is to be sipped…not shot? Puerto Vallarta has dozens of tequila tasting venues some that can be hired privately and a sommelier walking the two of you through the scents while swirling tequila around your tongue can be great foreplay for any romantic evening. Ask your bartender at Hacienda San Angel to walk you through which are the best tequilas of the moment…and why!

As Gene Kelly says…Play in the rain When the rain comes into the Bay of Banderas during our summer months, take the opportunity to go outside and ENJOY. Splashing through puddles is not just for kids and can be one of the best revving up the mood sports.

Piers and Pelicans The pier at Los Muertos is a lovely spot to take a bottle of bubbly sit with your loved one and watch the pelicans plunge. There are also many musicians that walk the beach. Surprise him or her with his favorite song.

Surprise Package  Surprise your couple with a customized gift basket or ask our concierge to prepare it for you! Maybe he can throw in some artisan soaps, massage oils, jewelry, and just about anything that can make your loved one feel cared for.

Rent a Vessel Nothing more romantic than being in the middle of the bay with no one else around. Well……..except the captain but they can be discreet. Pack a picnic or have your charter company take care of it. There is a boat for rent for all tastes in Vallarta. Coast along the South Shore and hop from beach to beach or go straight out to Las Marietas.

Puerto Vallarta is a destination where you can celebrate LOVE.

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Five Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day at Hacienda San Angel

Love is in the air across Puerto Vallarta with the most romantic holiday of the year, Valentine’s Day, just a few weeks away. Puerto Vallarta has long been a destination for lovebirds with its sultry tropical air, charming cobblestone streets and abundant activities for couples. And, let’s not forget one of Hollywood’s most storied and beloved duos has roots here: actor Richard Burton gifted then-wife Elizabeth Taylor with a gorgeous Puerto Vallarta love nest — quite the grand gesture — for her birthday.

hacienda san angel-san miguel suite-presidential suite-puerto vallarta-mexico

Heading to Hacienda to celebrate your amor this Valentine’s Day? Here are five ways to get love-struck by Cupid’s arrow and celebrate at our romantic retreat:

  1. Relax under the sun by your suite’s semi-private pool while enjoying house-made margaritas and fresh, locally-made provisions.
  2. Indulge in a seductive couples massage in the privacy of your suite.
  3. Allow the Hacienda chefs to prepare a gourmet meal for you to enjoy while being serenaded by the best Mariachi band in Puerto Vallarta — without another guest in sight.
  4. Stroll hand-in-hand through Hacienda’s alluring chapel, Puerta del Cielo. And don’t miss the irresistible views!
  5. Curl up with your other half and a good book and retreat to one of the hotel’s cozy corners to create your very own love nest.