Love is in the Air at the Hacienda

San Miguel Presidential Suite bed with heart made of rose petals and sunset view

Looking to rekindle what was? Looking to impress your significant other? Second honeymoon? First vows? Here are a few tips on how to enjoy romance in the tropics at one of the most iconic old Hollywood venues that has a history that will envelop you in an elegance that continues to thrive, generation after generation. 

Did you know that Hacienda San Angel has been ranked one of the top romantic destinations in North America? Why? Each suite has special magic like private terraces, intimate seating areas, 3 pools to choose from, and dedicated concierge staff to tend to your every desire at this spectacular property connected by lush interior courtyards filled with bubbling fountains, fiery bougainvillea and dramatic sculptural details and historic relics to be discovered. Just outside the most beautiful wooden doors is Puerto Vallarta……… your door to happiness! Cobblestone Roads, the best beaches on the West Coast, and amicable people will make you feel special whether you are buying a donut at the corner store or an engagement ring at one of the posh stores on our boardwalk.

When it rains, it pours LOVE in our summer season!  If romance is on your menu during our glorious rainy season that locals so truly look forward to, get ready to enjoy spectacular sunny days and gorgeous clouds that roll in from the South over Los Arcos Rocks while you are sipping your margarita at one of our three pools. The foliage and the Sierra Madres thrive and for some, this is the best time of the year………NOT to be missed.  The raindrops are beautiful to observe when in the pool and the electrical storms … an energetic delight! Singing in the rain like Fred Astaire? The areas surrounding Hacienda San Angel are the perfect humble environment for enjoying a magical night cooling off in the tropical downpour and eating local. Kisses taste best in the rain! Be careful when going down the stairs to the Malecon (boardwalk).  Nightlife of all sorts is at your fingertips! There is something for everyone, Piano Bar, Live Theatre venues, Cuban Music, Discoteque, Iced Cream, Fine Jewelry, and local vendors strolling the Malecon offering entertainment to all. 

Music What is your preference? In Puerto Vallarta, we have it ALL! Even for the most demanding of musical theatre radicals, this is very recent as the population grows talent is thriving and musical venues have been born and we are enchanted with what is happening. Thank you to Dany Minini and Tracey Parks avid theatricals.  Over the past couple of years, two beautiful theatres just a stone’s throw away from Hacienda San Angel have come alive and the crowds are thrilled with the diverse venues offered. Shows from all over come to perform, many selling out! Act II Entertainment on Basilio Badillo and El Encanto on Insurgentes are an absolute MUST and both are just steps away from Hacienda San Angel. Enjoy talent from all over the world in air conditioned theatrical-piano bar. Don´t be shy and approach the noise!  As you stroll the streets of Mexico´s beach destinations, follow your ears. If you hear a romantic trio, mariachi, jazz, or children playing in a band, join in the fun. Sing and dance along and get closer! This is when memories are created. 

Want some FUNtabulous food?  Not always is fine dining the way to a romantic evening. Surprise your loved one with plans to take a food tour or be adventurous and go on your own. The flavors of Mexico’s street food will open a forever bond over the salsas and service.  For dessert, hunt down deep-fried churros, tacos el pastor, cotton candy, or natural fruit popsicles to share with each other. And if an excursion is on your horizon we have customized gourmet lunch boxes to order. It’s all delicious. 

Mexicans are naturally romantic. It’s in their genes. They thrive on tending to those in love. You are now part of this after reading this article. What is next? How can we make it happen? [email protected]

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