Busy kitchen on Sunday morning as chefs prepare brunch at Hacienda San Angel.

Brunch is Back

November is a stellar month in PV. The summer heat’s abating and the rains are still comfortably in the...

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Small white poodle mix rescue dog sits in the courtyard of Hacienda San Angel, with a large potted green plant behind him.


Anyone who’s been to Hacienda San Angel knows that owner Janice Chatterton has a soft spot for gracious design,...

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A Mariachi band performing at the Hacienda San Angel Gourmet Restaurant against the backdrop of a beautiful sunset.

A Sip in Cinco!

Happy Cinco de Mayo! Granted, this isn’t as a big day in Mexico as it is in some parts...

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Close-up image capturing a fully bloomed orchid flower with vibrant pink petals and a delicate light yellow stigma.

Garden Victory

It’s just a 30-minute car or taxi trip from the Hacienda but the internationally renowned Vallarta Botanical Gardens is a world...

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